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From Copenhagen to Singapore: A walking journey

by Autumnlife's Pick, 01 Dec 2016

Notably, one of the most liveable cities in the world, Copenhagen is also the most walkable. Denmark has been consistently ranked highly in global indices on education, health care, social mobility and human development. It is probably no coincidence that it is also a country renowned for its people-centric urban planning which promotes cycling and walking. Notwithstanding that it has taken the city planners over 50 years to create good pedestrian environments providing a coherent network of streets and spaces for everyone to enjoy the city, the philosophy of “pedestrians as a priority” cuts across the whole Denmark.

The writer then looks back at such development in Singapore and how it compares. Are our urban planners and Transport Ministry on the right track in transforming Singapore into a sustainable and liveable (and smart) city with better and more inclusive ways of providing comfortable, shaded and safe sidewalks and pedestrian connections? Let’s take a walk to think about this… 

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The writer is the founder and editor of Eco-Business, an Asia-Pacific sustainable business online publication.


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