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Welcome to our Book Corner. We welcome members to contribute any book reviews or recommend any good books they have read recently. Click here to contribute. 

Book Corner

The book really enlightens the reader and puts them in the shoes of a child with Asperger’s and how they navigate in the realm of the adult world which they find confusing and contradictory. With their very logical mind, they just cannot comprehend the subtleties of adult conversations and feelings. Read it just to have a better understanding of Asperger’s is well worth it. Read more...
Tash Aw’s book “Five Star Billionaire” (Wu Xing Hao Men) set in China recounts the lives of four new arrivals to bustling and ever expanding Shanghai – a city where nothing matters but money. Phoebe hails from Malaysia drawn to the big city away from her little town in Kuantan and is mesmerized by the glitter and money. Her life and the other three migrants, an ambitious businesswoman, a bankrupt son of a multimillionaire and a failed teen idol intertwine into a mysterious fantasy.  Read more...
Tan Twan Eng’s book is set in Malaysia (mainly Cameron Highlands) – about a Malaysian girl Teoh Yun Ling whose sister suffered severe treatment during the Japanese Occupation. The story relates how she slowly came to terms with it with the help of a Aritomo a former gardener of the Imperial Emperor of Japan, who helped her create a garden in her sister’s memory.  Read more...

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