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by , 04 Jul 2018

The only true currency each of us has is time... Time to spend in exchange for other things, time to give away, and time to keep for oneself – to preserve and to renew, to rejuvenate and revive 
the spirit that is the moving power behind all we do.

Until we find ourselves, we cannot show others the way. The learning never ceases and we can impart things we have learned through our experiences. Throughout our lives, we will, from time to time, be able to do things that are seemingly impossible. Looking in hindsight, we can be amazed at the things we have done, the people we have nurtured, the lives we have touched.

Let us not be discouraged by those who devalue our spirits. Perhaps, we have not understood them too. When a person has been hurt by others or by his or her own choices, a period of healing is sometimes needed for the spirit to return to its natural state of goodness. A scar often itches and irritates when it is healing. Healing begins when the underlying pus and infection are removed.  An angry, bitter or a sad person may be in the midst of a healing process or perhaps, in the process of finding a balance in his life. Time and space may be needed for him to find his equilibrium.

Love is the key to the heart and spirit of each person. A new born is loved and nurtured by the mother whose voice is heard even before he is born and whose heartbeat is pulsing in tandem with his. Memories made before awareness are stored in our sub-conscious, and at the right time, in the right environment, can provide the insight that will lead us forward. Memories that hurt, can make us cringe, leading sometimes to avoidance. Memories that comfort, affirm and delight, will bring a warm feeling and anticipation of more of the same. In the same way, as we deal with our failures and successes, we learn to move forward, sometimes tentative, sometimes so sure of ourselves, but always drawing lessons from what has happened in the past. 

It is the present that presents us with the opportunity to transform ourselves; and this opportunity presents itself anew every single day. If we are able to move beyond regrets and the bad outcomes of the past, and channel our efforts to be fully engaged with our present, our future will be awaiting our arrival with great anticipation.

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