Live Well and Be Happy

Poetry Collection 2017 & Before by JNg

by JNg


Dance of Flamenco

Her lush body pulsating,
to the Iberian music
its rhythm fills the cave
Dance she must
As though it is the end

For the crowd in the tight surrounds
It is rare, it is exotic,
intense Spanish woman
Feet a-tapping, hearts a-thumping
In syncopated response

Captivated audience,
sipping sangria in a cave,
Is this real?
Don’t stop, we love it
An evening of sensuality
Breathless it is

To visit Spain
Is to embrace its color,
A must, olé!
Life is complete.

Granada, Nov 2017


Cyclists Pedal

Hawkers peddle
Ducks paddle
Cyclists pedal

And the last is not the
Because it is sweat,
and muscle, 
just like a beast

Oct 2017




You are vain, said the
to the narcissus
You can admire me,
I do not reek of perfume,
replied the narcissus

Together we celebrate spring
with the world,
both chorused in unison
And of course we are both
distinctively so,
A 2000 year old Chinese
In our resplendent pots of

Jan 2017


 Kallang River Rejuvenated

You are pointless
Said the triangle to the circle
No sir, replied the circle
Follow me, spinning on two
And behold, high above, you
Are over the bedlam of
And onto the serenity and
Of Kallang River

Oh rippling brook, where is 
your sting
Oh raging river, where is your 
Rain gardens, bioswales,
Have redressed all the harm
Inflicted on to you

A rejuvenated river, 
Is a home and playground
For young and old alike
The environment pristine and
The thinking on this
More valuable than silver and 

Cyclist, 2017


Singapore’s Sorrow

Oh where are our Terrex Armour?
An enraged Middle Kingdom
Does not a calming situation make
Quietly, we lick our wounded pride
No one can fathom China’s wrath and opacity
The sun will rise again tomorrow
New lessons we learn each day
From the land of our ancient ancestors

Dec 2016

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