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Hong Kong over a cuppa

by Bailu, 16 Mar 2016

Hong Kong, 31.10.2015 11:28am

Watching amazing Hong Kong over a latté and blueberry bagel at Pacific Coffee across the street from my hotel in Wanchai, sentiments and some anxieties begin to cloud my mind. 

Hong Kong never fails to amaze me every time I come back to visit since leaving here in 1991 after 5 years of residence. Its never easing hustle and bustle. Mainlanders and local businessmen hacking over million dollar deals while the working class hurrying around eking out a living on the streets. This is a tough place to live in, yet so many have made their fortunes here. For the ordinary folks, you simply cannot stop when you need to survive in such a place and provide for a family.  

However, Hong Kong thrives amidst chaos. Having my afternoon caffeine fix at this coffee joint just around the hotel where I'm staying for 2 nights, brings back memories of Hong Kong pre-1997. How Hong Kong has changed. It's Halloween today. Does this really matter in a Hong Kong that is now part of China? The identity crisis in Hong Kong still persists till this day. Before 1997, it’s “Are we British or Chinese?” Post-1997 today, “Are we Chinese or Hong Konger?” Do the young people in Hong Kong really know? I only wish the best for Hong Kong.


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