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Ever wonder how the right diet choice can result in a healthy planet with reduced carbon footprint and environmental damage? Eco-diets, as they are called, not only improve personal health but are now a feature in the Paris Agreement on climate change and a subject of several high profile research studies including that of the World Resources Institute (WRI). According to researchers, eco-conscious eating habits are not another diet fad. However, many concepts or forms of eco-diets have since emerged – Climatarianism, Reducetarianism, Flexitarianism, VB6, Entomophagy. Find out what they are in the article. Read more...
A few months after a friend retired, she told me she had stopped reading the newspapers. All her news came from online sources and the BBC World Service. That was several years ago. In the past two years, the way I get the news has changed too. Yes, stepping off the corporate threadmill has that effect. All my news now comes from online sources – not just because I’ve turned to e-papers to avoid getting ink-stained fingers.  Read more...

Tea Time Treats

by , 03 Feb 2016
I am an addict. I need a fix every day. I can almost tell the time by the moment the craving hits. 4pm. Every day. That’s when I have to drink a cup of tea. I don’t like tea bags; loose-leaf tea is what I prefer. Right now I am drinking a Broken Pekoe from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Bukit Cheeding No. 53 – full-bodied, strong, just the way I like it. Read more...
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